Royal Family Member Exposed As Part of Pedophile Ring Investigated By Police

British metropolitan police began investigations into allegations of child abuse in the Royal Family.

queen of england beaten up

Sourced from neon Nettle news:

A member of the British Royal family was suspected to be involved in a pedophile ring a former police officer has claimed.

British metropolitan police began investigations into allegations of child abuse in the Royal Family but were ‘shut down’ for “national security” reasons according to to the officer.

The officer was informed by fellow police that both a royal and an MP have both been identified as ‘significant’ in the major child abuse inquiry back in the 1980’s.

It was confirmed by the detective sergeant from Marylebone police station in London, confirmed the official investigation into the royal family pedophilia claims had been stopped.

According to the source: ‘I was in a car with two other vice squad officers. They were discussing a madam who had provided a girl of about 15 to Oliver Reed.’

The detective sergeant went on to confirm that he had major child abuse investigation shut down by the CPS involving a royal family member and an MP.

‘He did not mention names, but he said the CPS had said it was not in the public’s interest because it “could destabilize national security”.

‘The Daily Mail reports: Sir Allan Green, Director of Public Prosecutions, told the Sunday Mirror he was not aware of any pedophile investigations shut down for national security reasons.

He added that he’d been asked if he knew anything about an MP being involved in child abuse but he hadn’t.The information has since been passed on to police.

The news comes after it was revealed that Scotland Yard has been accused of facilitating 14 cover-ups of VIP child sex abuse.Dossier: Labour MP John Mann (pictured) last year submitted an explosive dossier to police naming 22 politicians linked to historical child abuse Over 35 years, officers are said to have protected ‘untouchable’ figures by shutting down inquiries that reached the heart of government.

The 14 alleged cover-ups were referred to watchdogs by the Metropolitan Police Service itself yesterday. It threatens to be the biggest investigation into police corruption since the 1970s.The allegations were uncovered by detectives probing claims of historical sex abuse first raised by Labour MP Tom Watson in October 2012.

Those on the inquiry, known as Operation Fairbank, are understood to have raised concerns after studying files kept in storage.The claims include one that police deliberately stalled their inquiries into the Elm Guest House, in Barnes, south-west London, leaving dozens of boys to be abused.

Victims claim that high-profile politicians, diplomats, and civil servants visited the property to abuse boys in the 1970s and 1980s. Officers are also accused of releasing pedophile MP Cyril Smith without charge after he was caught in an undercover operation at a sex party involving teenage boys.

Police are also accused of failing to end sex parties at the now notorious Dolphin Square complex, in Pimlico, central London, following the intervention of ‘prominent people’.

It is claimed that members of a wealthy and powerful elite believed they were ‘untouchable’ after police were warned off shutting down the sordid activities.One senior figure under the spotlight is former Tory home secretary William Whitelaw, who is accused of demanding that police drop an inquiry into a pedophile ring.

The politician, one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest allies, is suspected of quashing a year-long investigation into a gang accused of abusing 40 children.

Other inquiries focus on claims that the names of high-profile sex attackers were removed from witness statements and that police deliberately let senior politicians off the hook.One inquiry is examining allegations that Special Branch seized a dossier naming 16 MPs and peers handed to an investigative journalist by a former Labour minister.Unbelievably, two undercover officers are themselves suspected of sexually abusing a boy during a raid at the Elm Guest House.

The IPCC is still considering two further cases, including the shadowy murder of eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra in July 1981.His family believes he may have fallen into the hands of members of the VIP sex ring and evidence leading to their door was deliberately ignored. Sarah Green, of the IPCC, said police and her officials were examining claims that evidence was suppressed, investigations were hindered and halted and offences covered up.

‘These allegations are of historic, high-level corruption of the most serious nature,’ she said. ‘Allegations of this nature are of grave concern and I would like to reassure people of our absolute commitment to ensuring that the investigations are thorough and robust.’

Defending the decision to ‘manage’ the Met inquiry, rather than undertake an independent one, she said: ‘The new criminal investigations looking at alleged police corruption are closely linked and well underway.’

Mrs. Green said this decision remained under review and could be changed if new evidence came to light. Responding to the inquiries, Mr. Watson said many child abuse victims will have mixed feelings but will be pleased that their voices are now being heard.






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