Matt Taylor speaks out…

I will not be silenced. I will not remain silent so criminals can remain comfortable.

its ordered that

I’ve been publicising police corruption since 2012, paying special attention to a certain civil servant tasked with holding police to account. (and may I add; is paid very handsomely for doing so – £85K a year, with a team of up to 17 people costing the taxpayer’s over a £1M a year.)

I have very good grounds to believe the civil servant in question, (whom I cannot name for legal reasons), allowed the then Chief Constable Tom Martinson (as he is referred to in crime writer Peter James –Roy Grace novels) to retire early to escape misconduct charges.

Through a Freedom of Information request, I learnt that there were 24 complaints of misconduct against Tom Martinson during the last year of service, and that all 24 complaints were found to be ‘unsubstantiated,’ having been investigated by his close friend and the civil servant in question’s, second in command – (again whose name I cannot mention for legal reasons, but who I will refer to as the Police Prime Minister.)

I found myself the only person in Sussex highlighting the obvious conflict of interest that a police officer with a 30 year career in Sussex police; was being tasked with investigating misconduct charges against his colleagues.

I was the only person in Sussex highlighting the anomaly that Tom Martinson’s contract was extended a further 3 years, only for 9 months later to retire early.

A compliant press in Sussex wasn’t too interested in asking the obvious questions, and due to the vacuum of investigative journalism, I picked up the mantle and asked the questions which Sussex based journalists were refusing to ask.

The Police Prime Minister refused to answer my questions and choose to remain silent.

Cutting along story short, the Police Prime Minister took me to task via the civil route and having spent £26,000 of tax payer’s money on Weightmans’ solicitor, building a case against me, won the legal authority to shut me up.

I’ve been ordered to pay £20,000 towards the £26,000 she blew on solicitor costs, and a further £3,078.21 has been added due to High Court Enforcement and interest costs.

She also made a criminal complaint against me; of which Surrey police investigated. Accused of harassment and stalking, the investigation was dropped after the Crown Prosecution Service concluded there wasn’t enough evidence to secure a conviction.

So essentially, Judge Freeland rejected 17 points of defence and found me guilty of harassment and stalking in a civil court, while there wasn’t enough evidence to secure a conviction, in a criminal court.

This is what happens to someone who dares to hold politicians to account. We get screwed.

Since being arrested in February 2017, I’ve lost my well paid job and am now facing jumped up charges of possessing two prohibited images of children; one a manga style picture of a family orgy and another category B picture of a mature woman fingering a teenager, while sucking her nipple.

I absolutely refute all knowledge of downloading or making prohibited and legally pictures of children. I’ve looked at pornography on the internet and have a healthy interest in sex. I’ve got a clean criminal record, with no indication or concerns expressed by anyone, about any paedophile interests or tendencies.

  • I will not remain silent so criminals can remain comfortable.
  • I will not remain silent while the Police Prime Minister pulls out all the stops to ruin me.
  • I will not remain silent.

We live in a world in which one thing is said on TV and written in the newspapers, while a completely different narrative is said on the internet.

The majority of people in society laugh and scoff at the idea of false flag events, aliens and Illuminati, but still, the evidence exists and builds on a daily basis.

Chris Spivey contends that Prime Minister Theresa May is actually Mark Thatcher dressed up wearing a latex mask, and Richard D Hall interviewing Nick Kollerstrom, claims obvious false terror attacks at the Manchester concert bombing and the Westminster Bridge terror attack.

The facts remains that intelligent people are questioning the official narrative of events publicised via the TV and newspapers.

Truth is absolute and facts are final. We are either being lied to or we aren’t. We are either being covertly killed or we aren’t. Aliens exist or they don’t. The Illuminati control the world behind the shadows or they don’t. One way or another, the truth will prevail and will make itself known.

I’m convinced our government is lying to us. I consider myself an intelligent sentient human being and I’ve been told I’m intelligent by equally intelligent people, so it must be true!

As an intelligent sentient human being I cannot live in a society in which it’s most despicable criminals are masquerading as society’s great and good.

I’m surprised that the majority of people haven’t realised the truth yet, but I suppose it just goes to demonstrate the truly awesome power of TV and media to brainwash a compliant and susceptible minds.

Reciting the words said by Nick Kollerstrom, “The way in which fictional fabricated phoney terror has been perpetuated by unknown international agents in order to destroy freedom and democracy and promote absolute authoritarian government and fear; getting everyone living in a state of fear.”

This is what we are facing and it’s only a matter of time before it’s obvious to everyone.

I don’t want to live in a world in which the people decide to ignore the obvious and turn their back to the evil within our midst. As an average man in the street, I do not believe anyone else will wilfully stand-by and ignore the criminality being committed in our name and with our compliant consent.

I am convinced that once the Truth crosses it’s Rubicon, once the Truth reaches it’s critical mass, the world will rise up as one and round up the guilty, as once the village people acted as one to confront the fictional monster Frankenstein!

To be honest; I’m sick and tired of waiting for it to happen. I don’t know how it’ll happen and what needs to happen to make it happen. All I do know is that I’ve woken up to the terrible Truth and I can’t lead a normal life until this terrible Truth has been acknowledged and addressed.

There is no going back, no U-turns and no ignoring the evil knocking at our front doors.

Great crimes are being committed against us by the very people we have tasked with creating our Laws, keeping us safe and protected.

Society is standing at the edge of the cliff. We are standing at the precipice of freedom or slavery. One false move and we are all dead. One positive move sees us all free from tyranny, while the criminals are exposed and put behind bars.

Let’s get it clear and sound; secret elements of our government are conducting false terror events against the populace, designed to enact further restrictions on our liberty and freedoms, while keeping us in fear and under more stringent controls.

This is all about global domination on a scale unlike anything else in Human history.

This is about truly despicable criminals committing truly grievous crimes against us and our children.

The Truth is indisputable and available to everyone and anyone who chooses to seek it. Parliament is infested with paedophiles, as it has been for centuries.

These are just 5 examples I’ve plucked from thin air. There is never smoke without fire and an hour on Google will reveal many more examples of the perverted criminality festering at the heart of the British and the international political communities.

Political, industry, royal and religious; those in power are inevitability in power because they can be blackmailed and controlled by an illuminated few operating from behind the curtain, operating in the shadows and behind closed doors.

Shame rules the world and shame moulds and dictates the future. Only those who are flawed and compromised are allowed to progress up the ladder because they are the yes men and women, vital to the global domination which is in the gasp of the world’s illuminated few.

On a personal level, I’m proud of being at the fore-front of exposing these criminals residing within our midst. I’m proud that I’ve seen through their lies and proud that I’ve picked up the mantle and done something about it.

The very fact that I’m under attack by the very criminals I’ve exposed, proves to me that I am a threat they are unable to control or handle.

Being accused of possessing and making prohibited and illegal pictures of children proves they are desperate and are slowly losing grip of their grand plan of global domination.

The very fact that the criminal charge of harassment and stalking against a certain civil servant proves to me, that there is still a chance for the Law to win the day and rule supreme.

Our Laws will serve and protect us. Once the crimes of the illuminated few are exposed and acknowledged by the majority, then the Law will prevail and those guilty will be subjected to the same procedures we are all subjected to.

There will be no hiding, no escape and no defence. The evidence will be presented and a jury of 12 men and women will deliver justice.

Truth is absolute and will prevail. Truth cannot be destroyed but only hidden, hidden under a veil of deception and secrecy. Truth is straining to escape and once it does, nothing will be the same again.

Until that day; I will not remain silent so that the criminals can remain comfortable.

court restrictions



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