Chief Constable dismissed for gross misconduct following sex allegations.


Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Giles York, has been dismissed for gross misconduct following an investigation into allegations he committed a sexual assault against a senior police officer.

giles york dismissed

A public hearing at Sussex Police Headquarters, in Lewes, found Giles York made unwarranted sexual advances against a senior police woman, who has since been promoted to rank of Chief Constable of a neighbouring police force.

With a string of sex scandals to hit Sussex Police in recent years, it comes as no surprise that their top cop has also been caught up into the sexual malaise effecting Sussex police.



Sussex Police Sex scandals

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Kept secret from the public, Chief Constable York has been subject to an on-going criminal investigation, into an incident where he is suspected to have carried out a sexual assault.

He famously once declared that the public has a right to know how much he’s paid, but not what he spends his pay on. The obvious question arises that if he has nothing to hide, why hide? In light of this recent development, it’s speculated that he’s been spending his pay on illegal drugs, sex toys, pornography and other illegal activities.

Learning the lessons of transparency and accountability, after allowing their last Chief Constable to retire early rather than face misconduct charges; Sussex Police served CC York with a Regulation 15 notice on January 18, and told him an investigation into his conduct as a senior officer would be expected.

CC York notified Sussex Police of his intention to retire early from the force on May 23, later being told his retirement notice would not be accepted because of the fact he was still subject to a gross misconduct investigation.

Weightman Solicitors told those present at the hearing that their client CC York, “has taken a pragmatic view” in his choice not to attend the hearing and that he “admitted” not adhering to police conduct rules.

Gillian Jones, a solicitor from Weightmans said: “Due to the original allegation he has sought to leave the organisation. He has found himself new employment caring for vulnerable adults and children within the Diocese of Chichester and no longer wishes to be a member of the police service.”

Deputy Chief Constable Bernie O’Reilly, who oversaw the hearing, said: “This shows a disregard for his professional and moral duties. I do believe this is so severe as to amount to gross misconduct. I believe it is justified and appropriate and in the public interest to order his dismissal with immediate effect.”

CC York was bailed pending further investigation into the sexual assault allegations.

Police Prime Minister Theresa May faces growing calls for a misconduct hearing of her own, following claims from Brighton MP’s that she failed to hold the Chief Constable to account.

Upon making enquires with 10 Downing Street, a D-Notice has been issued preventing any further reporting on this breaking Fake News story.

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