Donald Trump orders 9/11 investigation.


U.S President Donald Trump has issued an executive order to investigate the government’s involvement into 9/11.

trump-tweet2In a move thought to steer media attention away from the Russian mania which is threatening to tear his administration apart, President Trump has shocked America, daring to go where ex Presidents (Bush and Obama) dared to tread.

Certain to reopen old wounds and expose him as a conspiracy theorist, White House sources are insisting that American collusion with Saudi officials lies at the heart of this new investigation.

Undisclosed sources are also reporting that the official 9/11 report from the government falls short of an acceptable threshold test. Failing to mention the collapse of Tower 7, and George Bush’s refusal to give evidence without the presence of his vice President, Dick Cheney, is adding to a new strategy within the White House, to shine the light of attention on the real American traitors within the government, in the hope to take the media’s mind off the Russian mania.

The White House claims to have unearthed new evidence of what happened on that day, which alludes to a revolutionary new energy weapon, responsible for the downing of the World Trade Towers.

Renowned scientist Dr Judy Woods has made a presentation to President Trump within the Oval office, handing over evidence indicating a storm off the coast of New York on 9/11, fuelled a secret energy weapon, which directed its destructive energy beams on the towers, literally turning the towers to dust.

Scenting blood, President Trump believes the real American traitors remain free and at large, ready to strike America again at any time. Boasting of keeping his campaign promise of looking at the events of 9/11 again; this latest move from the unconventional and maverick President, promises to be his most controversial move yet.

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