Arrest warrants have been issued against Kate and Gerry McCann.


British police have issued arrest warrants against Gerry and Kate McCann for the manslaughter, concealment and disposal of their daughter, Madeline.

Madeleine McCann

In an extraordinary turn of events, British police have finally concluded former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral, was correct in his conclusion that the McCann’s were responsible for their daughter’s death and her subsequent disposal.

A spokesman from the Metropolitan Police said, “There was only one line of enquiry which we never explored. It was time we explored it.”

With new evidence coming to light following the release of Richard D Hall’s latest documentary “McCann’s Embedded Confessions,” British police have validated the findings of statement analyst Peter Hyatt, who concluded the McCann’s lied about their daughter’s disappearance.

A renowned professional in his field and used by the FBI and other intelligence organizations to train their operatives and help with criminal investigations, the US-based Hyatt analysed a 2011 Australian network interview, which the McCann’s are alleged to have given an embedded confession, revealing Madeleine accidentally died from a fall, and that they hid her body. Hyatt also implies the possibility of sexual child-abuse must “be further explored.”

With no sign of the McCann at their Leicester home and no word from their spokesman Clarence Mitchell, it’s believed they have fled the UK to escape arrest.

She fell and died

Slowly but surely the truth of what happened on that fateful night 10 years ago in Praia da Luz is slowly becoming clear. During the 2011 interview the Australian host asked Gerry, “Did you kill your daughter?” to which Gerry replied, “No; that’s an emphatic no. Why would we cover that up?”

Having analysed Gerry’s use of words, Hyatt answers the question, “The answer is very simple. We are professional people, with two other children, with unintentional death; you are going to lose custody of your children.” Hyatt explains, “When a guilty person asks questions, they’re floating out alibis. Looking to see what sounds plausible. Will it be ridiculed, be accepted, would it sound sane, would it help get them off the hook.”

Portuguese Police Know

Former detective Goncalo Amaral believes Madeline’s body was hidden in a coffin and cremated shortly after her disappearance. He said, “We had information three figures went into the [Praia da Luz] church via a side door at night. They had a box and there was to be a cremation of a British woman. It is possible the child’s remains were in this box and cremated as well. The parents had the key to the church.”

Having refused to answer 48 questions by Portuguese detectives, British police have finally woken up to the reality that the McCann’s have been lying and manipulating the police and press about the disappearance of their daughter from get-go. A spokesman from the Metropolitan said, “they had no choice but to look at this new evidence in light of a highly respected and professional statement analyst, staking his career and reputation on the conclusion that the McCann’s covered up the accidental death of their daughter.”

Hyatt said, “If you asked me, as a matter of public record your conclusion that the McCann’s are showing guilty knowledge in the death of Madeleine, how sure are you of that, I am able to answer that knowing that my career is looked at, and say, I’m certain.”


Many famous and prominent people now find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having supported a couple, who have now had arrest warrants issued for the manslaughter, concealment and disposal of their daughter.

‘I’m certain’

UFO researcher Richard D Hall has courted controversy with the McCann’s before, having braved the threat of libel action with his previous documentary “The True Story of Madeleine McCann. Buried by Mainstream Media;” which concentrated on the FBI sniffer dogs who alerted their handler to the presence of a cadaver in the front room, in a cupboard and the boot of their hire car. Their findings collaborate Hyatt’s and Amaral’s conclusion that Madeleine died in the flat.

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