David Cameron accused of being a Necrophile.

In the most shocking story ever to be reported on Fake News at its Best – Fake News you can believe in; ex-Prime Minister David Cameron is facing extraordinary new claims he had sex with a dead child, as an initiation test to join an ultra secret club, to be selected for the position of British Prime Minister.

The Internet is awash with rumour and speculation that ex Prime Minister David Cameron is a necrophile.

The reclusive author of The Coleman Experience website, is today facing the risk of being arrested for libel, having published vile claims that David Cameron is a necrophile.

  • What is a Necrophile?
  • A person with a sexual attraction for or sexual intercourse with dead bodies.

With the Internet awash with rumour and innuendo, it’s suggested that Lord Ashcroft’s revelation that Cameron stuck his penis into a dead pigs head was only a smoke screen to hide a much more hideous revelation from coming out.

cameron pig

The Secrets of the Elite.

Lord Ashcroft famously missed the launch party of his controversial book “Call me Dave,” having been rushed to hospital by air ambulance following a septic shock which lead to life threatening liver and kidney failure. It was only after 18 days in intensive care that he was deemed “out of danger.” Conspiracy theories suggest this was a murder attempt by Cameron as revenge for exposing his darkest secret.

Lord Ashcroft and Molock

Accused of being a follower of Molock, an ancient Jewish God whom followers sacrificed their first born child to elicit favours, Cameron is facing the disturbing claims that he did the same by sacrificing his son Ivan. While Cameron’s allies insist its only coincidence that his first born son died in 2009 and he became Prime Minister in 2010, the suggestion that Cameron is a follower of Molock was met with silence from 10 Downing Street; deemed so preposterous it doesn’t justify an answer.

While Fake News at its Best – Fake News you can believe in, makes no aspersions, it’s worthy of note that no official reason of death has ever been made public regarding Cameron’s son. The only statement ever given by a Conservative party spokesman was, “They had no particular warning that this tragedy was going to happen. Ivan had a bad night, but he’s had bad nights before. They got him to hospital but he did not pull through.”

David Cameron isn’t the only Prime Minister to have been accused of committing hideous crimes. Edward Heath was rumoured to have ’laughed off’ any suggestions he raped, killed, and dumped young men’s bodies off his yacht, the Morning Cloud, following claims made by David Icke in his book The Biggest Secret.

Like Edward Heath; David Cameron nor the Metropolitan Police have taken any action to shut down The Coleman Experience website or to initiate court proceedings to make the author retract or take-down these vicious claims.

With such conflicting accounts of the character of David Cameron circulating online, it’s hard to see how Cameron’s reputation could ever survive these most damaging of claims.

Having promised to “leave no stone unturned,” live on the This Morning Show in 2012, in his pursuit of identifying parliamentary paedophiles, having been ambushed by presenter Philip Schofield with a list of parliamentary paedophiles, these latest allegations only add weight to the assertion that David Cameron isn’t the man we are lead to believe.

Having kept a low profile since losing the Brexit vote in June 2016 and handing over the reins of power to Theresa May, calls are growing for David Cameron to be arrested and these claims to be fully investigated by the police. Friends of Cameron are calling for the unknown author behind The Coleman Experience website to exposed and arrested for libel.

Fake News at its Best – Fake News you can believe in, will keep you posted of any further developments on this extraordinary breaking story.

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