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Celebrating the Best Fake News to ever hit the internet; MATT TAYLOR ORDERS THE IMMEDIATE ARREST OF DAVID CAMERON & THE QUEEN, stands out as the clear winner.

Published in January 2014, with its hugely successful follow up article, THE QUEEN’S ARREST IS IMMINENT; Fake News hit new heights of success, breaking the glass ceiling which had previously kept Fake News within its glass box.

Published across two blog platforms and reblogged across many more, MATT TAYLOR ORDERS THE IMMEDIATE ARREST OF DAVID CAMERON & THE QUEEN broke all records with millions of views.

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While Matt Taylor only wrote the intro, with the bulk of the article written by Judy Byington, it created such a stir that 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace had to publicly deny both the PM and the Queen were soon to be arrested.

As the first sentence of the article states:

“Matt Taylor the next MP for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has issued an extraordinary order for the immediate arrest of David Cameron and The Queen on charges of High Treason and sexual crimes against children.”

Packed with a wealth of ‘never-before-reported-information’, the reader is introduced to a world of such horror and vice; the mainstream media would never dare report it.

Based on an explosive interview between UK Column News presenter Louise Collins and controversial film maker Bill Maloney from Pie’n’Mash films, the article takes the reader down the proverbial rabbit hole, exploring the circumstances in how the Queen was named as part of an international paedophile ring.

Taking the higher moral ground, ex-Royal Military policeman Matt Taylor from Brighton, claimed to hold the authority to order the immediate arrest of David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK and Queen Elizabeth II, the Monarch of Great Britain and the Common Wealth.

He said, “We have enough evidence to prosecute and holding the higher moral ground over both the Prime Minister and Queen of England, I hereby order their immediate arrest for High Treason and sexual crimes against children.”

So, in case you missed it the first time around; make yourself a cup of tea, turn off your mobile and settle down to read one of the best examples of fake news ever to hit the internet.


Judy Byington - January 21, 2014

This week Queen Elizabeth was implicated in another international child exploitation ring as she handed over responsibilities to Prince Charles for his eventual succession.

According to award-winning film producer Bill Maloney who interviewed on the UK Column News Live Radio, a whistle-blower, “Andrew,” recently testified to the Daily Express Newspaper that he was prostituted to British Royalty in an international child exploitation ring.

Are Satanic Ritual Abuse child exploitation rings being perpetrated by global elites in our neighbourhoods, on our children? If so, do they have the connections to effectively cover-up the child rape, torture and murder of thousands?

The Satanic Ritual Abuse international child exploitation ring was said to involve prominent leaders in the British Parliament, entertainment, political, legal and medical fields and included former Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger.

This was the second time the Queen had been charged with affiliation to a Satanic Ritual Abuse international child exploitation ring. On Feb. 25 2013 an international court found her and Prince Phillip guilty of taking ten aboriginal youngsters from the Canadian Kamloops Residential School on Oct.10 1964. Parents haven’t seen their children since.

In the past few months at least two witnesses named former Pope Ratzinger as present in Satanic Ritual Abuse child sacrifices. Ratzinger was found guilty in the disappearance of 50,000 Canadian native children in the same 2013 Brussels international court. He immediately stepped down as Pope after being issued an arrest warrant.

The list went on, and was frightening. During Argentina’s “Dirty War” of 1976-1983, Ratzinger’s successor the now-Pope Francis Bergoglio, was the Catholic Superior in the Society of Jesus. Victims claimed that as orphans of the over 30,000 missing, they were placed in Satanic Ritual Abuse international child sex exploitation rings – some at the Vatican.

In early 2014 Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State which prosecuted the successful 2013 Brussels case, was planning an international court on Popes Bergoglio and Ratzinger’s charges of Satanic Ritual Abuse and involvement in international child exploitation rings.

The ITCCS could have a long list of defendants from Satanic Ritual Abuse international child exploitation rings unless government legal entities prosecuted first – which didn’t appear to be happening. For instance, since the UK police didn’t pick up on the job, at least 138 victims out of 664 complaints against the late British celebrity Jimmy Savile were pursuing their own civil actions against UK public broadcaster, the BBC.

The final report of a BBC probe was expected to soon verify Savile – along with his friends in the entertainment and political world – potentially sexually abused up to 1,000 people in late-night parties steeped in Satanic Ritual Abuse that involved the rape of children.

None of these cases were yet prosecuted, although many were accused of enabling Savile. According to the UK public broadcaster The Guardian’s sister publication The Observer, those accused included the CEO of The New York Times.

The US ties to Satanic Ritual Abuse and international child exploitation rings were survivors and perpetrators of the CIA mind-control program – connected to Satanic cults and human experimentation on the 50,000 missing Canadian children. Satanic Ritual Abuse involved the rape, torture and murder of children. Jenny Hill discussed a Satanic Ritual Abuse child sacrifice that was overseen by a CIA master mind-control programmer:

Several European witness-survivors such as Holland Therapist Toos Nijenhuis said that as children, they attended Satanic Ritual Abuse rites much like Hill’s. They named their Satanic Ritual Abuse perpetrators as former Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger, Catholic Cardinal Bernard Alfrink of Utrecht, a second Catholic Cardinal, a French judge, Belgian priests, members of the British Royal family and Prince Bernhard of Holland. Their assaults occurred in various locations in the UK, Holland, Scotland and a military experimental base in Melbourne, Australia.

In this video Nijenhuis discussed Satanic Ritual Abuse murders and burials of children as late as November 2010:

“We have an international child exploitation ring operating in every democratic government on our planet” stated Bill Maloney in the radio interview with Lou Collins.

With so many witnesses coming forward on Satanic Ritual Abuse international child exploitation rings cases that were decades in the making, why isn’t the news hitting the mainstream press? Are our children in danger of global elites who operate above the law?

Some brave souls were speaking out: “The heroic effort of Toos to save children from future torture and murder at the hands of powerful men is being threatened today now that others are coming forward to confirm her story,” stated Kevin Annett, whose ITCCS successfully prosecuted the Queen, Pope Ratzinger, Canadian Prime Minister Harper and 37 other global elites.

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