Peter James charged with murder.


World Exclusive

A story straight out of the hugely successful Roy Grace crime novels; world famous writer Peter James has been sensationally charged with the murder of 17 women from the Brighton area.

peter james charged with murderRevealed as Brighton’s most prolific serial killer, Peter James successfully escaped justice while indulging in a 10 year killing spree, having integrated himself within Sussex Police rank and file.

Privately educated at Charter’s House and a close friend of ex Sussex Police Chief Constable Martin Richards, James was born into a privileged family who made their fortune by being the Queen’s glove maker.

Peter James is better placed than anyone to appreciate the darker side of life.

He’s the first to admit that Brighton is the destination of choice for the nation’s most successful Crime Lords, to settle and raise their families. With a relaxed police force, easy links to Europe and a transient population, the City of Brighton is the perfect place for criminals to base themselves and lay down roots.

Having scared generations of readers with his array of supernatural thrillers including Twilight, Possession, Denial and Prophecy; James went onto write a succession of best selling crime novels based around Brighton crime buster Roy Grace.

Having published a dozen Roy Grace novels, James was set to write many more. His books were in the planning stage to be turned into a TV series, while some have already been made into theatre shows.

At the launch of his most recent Roy Grace book, ‘You are Dead;’ he had these chilling and prophetic words to say.

“You know you could be a serial killer, I could be, the guy taking the photographs could be, any of us.”



With his words coming back to haunt him, he said to Latest News reporter Mhairi Beveridge, “I’ve always been interested in the serial killer, you know we can understand the guy who comes home and he finds his best mate in bed with his girl-friend and he loses it and kills her, but the people I think that really scare us are the serial killers, the people who do it for gratification, for fun, for pleasure and what’s always intrigued me about serial killers is A; they have to be smart to survive that long, so how often they can be your neighbour next door.”

James has been smart enough to survive for so long, unsuspected, unsolved and undeterred, by fostering a close friendship with Sussex Police. Having embedded himself deep in the heart of Sussex Police for many years, he’s managed to learn their procedures and routines, which have allowed him to commit the most despicable crimes against the cities most vulnerable people; unsuspected, undetected and undeterred.

Exclusively revealed by Fake News at its Best – Fake News you can believe in; the moment James was handcuffed by a police officer.

james arrest

Set to be sentenced next week, James is facing the daunting prospect of spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Read more: I’m fascinated by murder by Peter James.

Disclaimer: This news story brought to you exclusively by Fake News – Fake News you can believe in; is for ENTERTAINMENT AND DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY!

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